Dil-e-Barbad – Episode 65 – 27th April 2017Dil-e-Barbad – Episode 65 – 27th April 2017

Dil-e-Barbad’ is a story of two orphan sisters left behind in this vicious
and materialistic world to face discrimination and hardships of life. Their
parents died in a tragic car accident leaving them to their grandmother,
their only benefactor. But due to her old age and health she is worried
about their future very much.

Rania and Haniya, the two sisters are living a simple life despite all the
hardships and financial constraints. Their uncle who lives in a different
city takes them with him, upon his mother’s request. Yet destiny lays its
own course of action. Both of the sisters get married in families that take
them for granted for being orphans and their struggle to create better
lives continues.

Written by: Nuzhat Saman

Directed by: Shahid Yousnus


Mariam Ansari
Mahmood Akhtar
Anam Tanveer
Imran Aslam
Furqan Qureshi
Farah Ali
Fazila Qazi and others.