Mera Saaein Episode 25 – 26th November 2019

Mera Saaein focuses on the life of a feudal lord, Malik Wajahat Ali whose incessant pursuit of a male heir has ruined the life of many women. While he possesses much influence over the lives of others, he finds himself still desperate for a son. Mera Saaein is the story of a traditional feudal lord and politician with insatiable desires of women, power and wealth. It is also a story of a non-resident Pakistani girl, Shazmeen who lived and studied in the UK and married Wajahat with a desire to try to change him for the better. Because of the Wajahat, two best friends Shazmeen and Naina are drifted apart and has become hardcore enemies and rivals.


Aamina Sheikh,
Sunita Marshall,
Noman Ijaz,
Mohib Mirza,
Beenish Chauhan,
Savera Nadeem,

Written by :  Samira Fazal

Directed by : Babar Javed