Moray Saiyaan Episode 21 – 10th March 2019

Moray Saiyaan is a story of two love birds – Ghaziyan and Zubairia. Like every other woman Zubairia had a dream to be a princess and life gave her something more than she dreamt of. The love of Ghaziyan.

A man like Ghaziyan who is ready to accept Zubairia against all odds, who not just madly loves her but fights with everyone to make her his own. He marries her and makes her the happiest woman. It’s hard for Zubairia to believe that someone as loving as him can be in her life.

Writer: Rabia Razzaque

Director: Nadeem Siddique


Uzair Jaswal,
Neha Rajpoot,
Irsaa Ghazal ,
Firdous Jamal,
Kinza Hashmi,
Ali Kazmi ,
Aisha Tor.