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It is a story of two families living in upper and lower stories of a house. The householder Aleem-ud-Din lives upstairs with his family consisting of his wife Nunhi, a divorced daughter Bhunarya, a son Maqsood and daughter-in-law Rooh Afzaa. While Qudussi’s widow, Shakooran live downstairs as tenant with her three daughters Khajusta Jahan, Badraka Jahan, Shagufta Jahan and a son Abdul Wudood Ahmad. Aqeela Bhabhi is also a major character who is a neighbor and a good friend of Shakooran.

Writer: Fasi Bari Khan

Director: Mazhar Moin


Hina Dilpazeer,
Shehnaz Pervaiz,
Shabbir Jan,
Uroosa Siddiqui,
Badar Khalil,
Waqar Hussain,
Mirza Shahi,
Maqsood Bhai,
Ubaida Ansari.

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