Roza Kay Rozay – Last Episode – 26th June 2017Roza Kay Rozay – Last Episode – 26th June 2017

The depiction of family issues that revolve around a newly wed couple roza and ramis, who are returning back from
america to a family bonded by strong relations of love and association. this marriage is out of knowledge of the family and the objective of both is to disclose this fact. roza is influenced by western brought-up and is trying to fast for the first time. hence the drama narrates her experience and their journey that leads towards the disclosure of the
unrevealed marriage.


Badar Khalil,
Behroze Subzawari,
Ayesha Omar ,
Azfar Rehman,
Farhana Maqsood,
Tipu Sharif,

Written by: Jawad Daud

Directed by : Mohsin Mirza