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Baho Begum, Episode 45, 20-07-14

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Baho Begum, Episode 45, 20-07-14 Baho Begum is soap depicting family life, where a strong women who manages her house and children immaculately. She not only decides all matters of the house but also implies strict r...

Rishtay, Episode 45, 30-06-14

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Rishtay, Episode 45, 30-06-14 Story of a joint family with three brothers and two sisters their struggle in life. The plot revolves around matrimonial issues of brothers and sisters.The eldest daughter being the most...

Alvida, Episode 45, 25-05-14

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Alvida, Episode 45, 25-05-14 Alvida is a dramatic story of a beautiful woman torn between her two children and her struggle to live. The story also sheds light on how these children end up suffering even more than th...