Khushi Aik Roag AKhushi Aik Roag – Episode 02 – 25th October 2016 compelling and heart wrenching tale, that revolves around the subject of adoption, the people in who are desperate enough to give their children away and those who try to make them a part of their lives, and the children themselves as they struggle to find acceptance. Theme: Is a child who is not your own blood, not a part of your family, not worthy of your love?





Yumna Zaidi
Shahood Alvi
Farhan Ally Agha
Naheed Shabbir
Agha Shiraz
Sami Khan
Saleem Iqbal
Ayaz Samoo

Writter: Seema Munaf

Directer: Mohsin Mirza

Mon to Thu at 9:00PM only on ARY Zindagi.

  • Shah Jee Isi

    there is OLD Drama showed on ARY Digital (Kuch Pyar Ka PagalPan) now its showing on ARY Zindigi, but when i press on Watch so the massage comes from Youtube Video that (this Video Content is NOT Available in your country) means its restricted from Uploader or Youtube Channel owner…. so my question was why only this Drama is not Available for my location, and other videos from ARY Zindigi i watch without any problem,

    Exect message :
    The uploader has not made this video available in your country.

    please tell us available countries to watch your videos on youtube?