Salam Zindagi With Faysal Qureshi – 9th February 2018Guest: Fiza Shoaib, Ali Sohail, Javed Abbas, Ali Khan, Fiza Javed, Kashif Ali

Topic: Whatever is good for your soul do that

Host: Faysal Qureshi 

Salam Zindagi is a unique morning show that is full of life and a variety of colors, providing an energetic, optimistic and festive start to your daily routine.

With distinguished guest celebrities, cooking tips, live musical performances and an interactive audience, this show will definitely add the good to your mornings!

No matter what troubles people sleep through at night, they should always wake up to a positive new day!

With Salam Zindagi, the host Faysal Qureshi takes responsibility to make Pakistan a happier nation